We ARE one body:

  • each individual is different
  • and everyone is needed (1 Cor 12)


  • blessing is commanded (Ps 133:1)
  • an army is released (Ez 37)
  • the world sees Jesus (John 17)

We want to be found by God as He’s searching for:

  • true worshippers (John 4; Amos 9:11; Ps 88:1)
  • those who will stand on behalf of others (Ez 22:30)
  • the rare characteristics of:
    • wholeheartedness (2 Chron 16:9) and
    • persistence (Luke 18:7)

We will give ourselves, and the Lord no rest, until His word is fulfilled  (Isaiah 62:6-7; Jer 33:9)

As we worship, we believe we welcome the King to come and reign, and that He establishes a throne for Himself on our praise (Ps 22:3; Is 42:10-13)

In every aspect of life in our city (7 Pillars), we pray for God’s way, God’s standards & values, and God’s mercy & justice to be seen, as His Kingdom and His will are seen in Nottingham.